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Los Angeles Psychic Triple Goddess Pro is attentive to all your Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Union needs during these emerging revolutionary Aquarian Times.  Revered as one of the Best LA Psychics, Triple Goddess Pro offers Spiritual Healing Services focused upon enriching and empowering your life and your spirit.

Los Angeles Psychic Triple Goddess Pro offers Professional Psychic readings that incorporate the ancient healing modalities of Kabbalah, Kundalini, Astrology, Reiki, Sound and Numerology.  With years of experience in the healing arts, Los Angeles Psychic Triple Goddess Pro provides you with the practical tools toward self-mastery and embodying your higher self into every area of your life experience.

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Meet Chrissie (a.k.a. Mansukh Kaur)

Los Angeles Psychic Triple Goddess Pro

Chrissie (a.k.a. Mansukh Kaur)

Founder/Owner: Triple Goddess Pro

Chrissie (a.k.a. Mansukh Kaur) is a well-known intuitive with a thriving practice in Los Angeles.  Highly skilled, Chrissie is Certified as a Kundalini Teacher, Psychic, Astrologer, Numerologist, Shaman, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Clear Light Energy Healer, Kabbalah Tarot Reader, and an Ordained Minister.

Born with the gift, she started to share her insights early and became a professional after devoting herself to a years of spiritual study. This dedication led Chrissie to receiving the blessing of being taught by sacred spiritual masters, teachers, and spiritual healers.

Chrissie's approach to her psychic and spiritual healing services is centered upon Divine guidance and inspiration.  Her devotion is that of life is centered upon living in service while inspiring all towards understanding and embracing an elevated state of awareness, integrity, and embodiment with the collective consciousness.

Read Chrissie's blog posts highlighting monthly and weekly astrology, tarot and numerology forecasts.

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Contact Chrissie directly with any questions or comments you may have concerning her readings.
Email: triplegoddesspro@gmail.com