How can I prepare for a session?

You’re welcome to make notes during the session, so please have a notebook handy. You might find it useful to write down specific questions you have beforehand, so you don’t forget anything once the session starts. Please read the following suggestions before calling for your session:

During your session, you will be working with your Spirit Guides. Please take ten minutes to relax before the session to make it easier for your Guides to connect with you.
Write down any questions you have so you can refer to them during the session.
Please remember that Spirit Guides are there, as the name suggests, to guide you, not tell you what to do. You have complete free will. Whether or not you choose to follow their suggestions is purely your choice. Take ten minutes after your session to center yourself before going back into the world.

How specific can a psychic reader be when it comes to timing?

At times spot on, but it’s hugely important that we only use these timings as a guide and not set in stone.

You might have heard the saying ‘there is no time in the spirit world’.  Funnily enough, this is something that quantum physicists also seem to agree with.  Many eminent scientists say that the past, present and future aren’t as clear cut as we’d like to think!

Along with that shamans have always said that everything that shows up in our world is a mirror of what’s going on inside us.  If we’re desperate, for example, we can set up a crazy energy that delays things, or even push away what was flowing towards us and that can affect timing.  The more we can let go and let flow, the faster what is ours will come to us.

Can a psychic tell me if my ex is going to come back?

A psychic reader can tune in and see what’s happening in terms of the energy between you, but actually being able to predict what someone else is going to do is tricky territory.  You know from yourself that it’s possible to feel one thing and do something else or go through a change of mind or heart.   A good psychic reader will always try and lead you back to your power, look at the blocks and details but rather than putting all of your focus into waiting for what someone else will do next, you can get on with your life and then things can unfold with a new dynamic.

What happens if I have too many psychic readings?

If you find that you are asking the same psychic or calling round different psychics to ask the same question over and over again, you can end up confused and potentially cycling through psychics in an effort to hear only what you want to hear!  It’s far better to have one thorough psychic reading that helps you step back into your power and then focus on transforming your life.  Having loads of psychic readings can actually leave you feeling a bit obsessed and stuck as all your focus goes on the one thing you’re asking about.  Rather than having loads of psychic readings, go for a walk, or do something to move your life forward.  If you can, stick the money you would have spent on psychic readings in a jar and save it for something that is going to change your life!

Are there topics that psychics can not talk about?

Psychic readers do not talk about anything related to health, finance or legal matters.  That includes talking about pregnancy.  I always encourage people to go to their doctors or healthcare provider or track down a qualified financial adviser for expert advice.