Numerology: October 1-7, 2017

Numerology Forecast week of October 1st, 2017: The inevitable concentration of energy occurs!

Triple Goddess Pro Numerology 4This week we are governed by the number 4. After experiencing the week of 2 (attraction), and the week of 3 (interaction), now with the 4 we embark upon the inevitable concentration of our energy.  We now realize that our energy can no longer remain scattered and therefore place them in a productive, orderly system.  This week is about practicality, stability, form, endurance,  self-discipline, and conventional routine.

This is a good planning period. New techniques are to be implemented. Whether building a house, business, or both, we are advised to handle money wisely.  Set up a budget, put your affairs in order, this period requires a systematic existence.

All kinds of messages are forthcoming this week and with it old habits must be left behind. We will have to be discriminating about those in whom we place our confidence upon. This means that breaks and separations will be part of this cycle.

Obstacles may present themselves; however, the solution to those problems will uncover past procedures that impede your progress.  With this knowledge, you realize that the obstacles are in reality a blessing.

Tarot Symbol: The Empress

    • Sensitivity.
    • It is an indication that there is creative energy trying to burst forth into your consciousness.
    • An indication that your intuition is very sharp and you may receive messages from your unconscious mind.
    • Well-received news will reach you and remind you of the importance of a fresh outlook on life. See the humor in life and remember the healing power of laughter.
    • Suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible.
    • The Page of Cups is generally a positive card with lessons about love and trusting your own emotions.

Advice for the week: Think carefully about the way things are supposed to be done. You already know in your gut where the most important changes need to be made.

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