Numerology: September 17-23, 2017

Numerology Forecast week of September 17th, 2017:
“And God Divided the Light from Darkness!”

Triple Goddess Pro Numerology 2This week we are governed by the number 2 and with it we become keenly aware of energies such as duality, polarity, day and night, right and wrong, positive or negative, good and evil, this or that path.  It is a week that encompasses all pairs of opposites that require upon us a choice to be made.

Acutely conscious of others as opposed to just the self, we gather ideas and experiences.  Our ability to detach ourselves and see separateness will allow room for reflection, intuition, and space for our creative and inventive potentials to grow.

The number 2 highlights dreamers who have a tendency to fear the unknown or the unfamiliar. Extremely imaginative and inventive, but not always as forceful in carrying out their plans and ideas.

Depending upon ones agreement at this point of our individual journeys, the 2 will be expressed either negatively or positively.  If negative, one will lack self-confidence, and therefore will be indecisive and afraid to make decisions.  If positive, one can be of great service to others.

Tarot Symbol: The High Priestess:

  • Quiet, receptive.  She symbolizes the subconscious mind and receptiveness therein.
  • Connecting the two pillars of light and darkness, she balances the pair of opposites.
  • The High Priestess is the connecting link to the subconscious mind through which we must pass in order to use our conscious potential.

Advice for the Week:

  • God is protecting you.
  • If it is in your best interest, whatever must be, must be.
  • Your constant mental dialog will determine the world you will come to exist in.

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