Numerology: September 24-30, 2017

Numerology Forecast week of September 24th, 2017: The Trinity!

Triple Goddess Pro Numerology 3This week we are governed by the number 3. Symbols of the trinity arise.  It stands for multiplication and manifestation. Productive energies abound!  This week there is growth and expansion in our lives. Why?  the universe/God/Cosmos is listening keenly to your heart. For some this will mean marriage or births of children. (Blessings, blessings.) For others, birth will occur in the creative arts or in mind expansion. Recognition is possible, so now is the time to write your article or book, paint, or present your project. How others see you will be important during this time as publication and recognition from authorities come under a 3. Toss out those old clothes and liven your look a bit.

Listen to your dreams for they can bring precognitive messages of your potential future. Keep a journal bedside to capture what is relayed.

Now the negative side of 3 is that it can lead to scattered energies and overindulgence. Extravagance leads to dissipation. Jealousy leads to loneliness.

Tarot Symbol: The Empress

Triple Goddess Pro Empress Card
  • Considered stable and truthful.
  • Manifestation is in the works and it will soon be realized.
  • Intention and sustained commitment is key.
  • Our belief outweighs our fear of not getting what we are seeking.

Advice for the week: There is an ancient saying, “Beware of your wishes, for you will surely get them.” If you desire something strongly enough, that desire will come to pass. Be certain.

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