Los Angeles Psychic Triple Goddess Pro is certified in many healing modalities and services.

Los Angeles Psychic Triple Goddess Pro provides a variety of Spiritual Healing Services that include Kabbalah Tarot Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Kundalini Yoga, Home/Business Healing, Sound & Mantra Healing, and Spiritual Wedding Officiant services.
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Kabbalah Tarot Readings

Chrissie is a gifted Psychic, Spiritual Leader, and Tarot Card Reader
with many years of experience.

Chrissie combines the art of Tarot, the ancient mysteries of Kabbalah and her natural-born psychic abilities to perform readings that are recognized for their amazing accuracy, as well as for their depth of philosophy and teaching of life.

Whether you have questions concerning love, money & career, or a deeper issue in mind... Chrissie is a true healer.

Kabbalistic Tarot is an important tool for understanding the lessons and phases of life.   Kabbalah includes the understanding of the spiritual spheres in creation and the rules and ways by which the Divine administers the existence of the universe.

30, 45, 60 and 90 minute sessions are available.

I appreciates every minute is a cost to my clients.
Before calling take time to take 3 breaths.
This will be of great benefit to our experience together.

Ek Ong Kar Sat Kar Tar
~ Chrissie ~

*All sessions are by phone only.

Kabbalah Tarot

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is about reclaiming your power.  The power to make decisions that lead to a happier and more enriching life.  Our session together address specific general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life by examining what is going on right now, discovering what obstacles or challenges might be present, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

*All sessions are by phone only.

Triple Goddess Pro

Kundalini Yoga Instruction

Trained and certified by Kundalini Master Teacher, Krishna Kaur Khalsa, Chrissie (a.k.a. Mansukh Kaur) brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your personalize Kundalini Yoga and Meditation session.  Each class is 90 minutes in duration and occurs at your desired location.  Additional participants may attend for an additional fee.

Includes 15 minute phone consultation to establish location information, what to base our session upon, and other relevant details.

*Serving Los Angeles County.  

Kundalini Yoga Triple Goddess Pro

Sound & Mantra Healing

All matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Sound and Mantra healing uses the vibration of sound (NAAM) to promote healing, and to help access higher levels of consciousness.

This 30 minute session with Chrissie establishes which 40-day meditation and mantra will be most beneficial for you at this time in your life journey.  The selection embraces that which you want to achieve or work on.

Includes a free follow up 30 minute session upon completion of the 40 Day meditation to review your experience and make additional recommendations.

*All sessions are by phone only.

Sound and Mantra Healing Los Angeles Triple Goddess Pro

Spiritual Unions / Weddings

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family.

Available Services:

Alchemy Wedding Date Selection

Using her Mastery skills in Astrology, Numerology and Kundalini, Chrissie provides you and your partner with the most benevolent date for spiritual union. The unique selection is a spiritual science that ensures the highest of frequencies are embraced. The date also sets the tone for the union.

Spiritual Wedding Officiant

Chrissie is an Ordained Minister and customizes your ceremony to create a unique expression that channels the Divine and blesses your ceremony. Customized options are available.

LGBT Friendly.
*Serving Los Angeles County.  May accommodate further locations.  Travel rate may apply. Travel costs billed separately.

Los Angeles Wedding Officiant Triple Goddess Pro

Home/Business Healing

The energy of your home not only reflects the harmony one is maintaining within, but also serves as an powerful foundation with activating and manifesting specific areas of ones life.

Book your 3 hour healing to welcome Chrissie to your home or place of business*.

Service includes:

  • Feng Shui guidance and recommendations (what to do to correct and emphasize chi energy)
  • In person Tarot Reading
  • Sacred Blessing
  • Detailed Report

*Serving Los Angeles County.  May accommodate further locations.  Travel rate may apply.

Home and Business Healing Los Angeles Triple Goddess Pro